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Throughout your pregnancy your body will transform and lead to changes. Your posture will change but also cause a lot of pressure on your spine and your organs. You will start to have lower back pain, sciatica ( pain in the buttocks which can go down to the leg), reflux in the stomach, constipation, sometimes urinary infection, difficulty to breathe because your diaphragm can be stuck by baby. ( This list is not exhaustive).

I'm going to work on your whole body to reduce these ailments. Then the last month we will prepare your pelvis so that nothing interferes with delivery.

*Pelvic pain (Sacroiliac joint and/or pubic symphysis)

*Groin pain

* Hip pain

* Maintenance of postural balance

* Sciatic pain

* Middle, upper back, and neck pain

* Rib cage pain

* Headache and/or face pain

* Carpal tunnel: tingling in the hands

* Swollen ankles and wrists

*prepare your pelvis for well labor



Even if childbirth is a natural process, we often forget to say that it is an experience for the mother and for your body. Oxytocin is the hormone that will allow your bones to soften for the passage of your baby. This hormone remains in your body between 3 to 6 weeks after childbirth, add to that that you no longer have abs, your body is no longer held and you will suffer from back pain, hip pain, pain in the shoulders… During the postpartum sessions, I will help your body return to its original posture, help your organs return to their place and relieve postpartum pain.

Pregnant Woman
Siblings in White

Babies& Kids

Newborn and infant treatment eases the physical stresses from pregnancy and birth and is effective for:

*Trauma from difficult delivery (very long or short delivery, ventouse or forceps interventions.)

*Breastfeeding challenges (latching difficulty, preference for feeding on one side.)

*Tongue Tie

*Crying, fussiness, difficulty settling, colic, sleep disturbances.

*Digestive issues (reflux, gas, constipation)

*Head shape asymmetries and congenital torticolis. 

It is beneficial to have your newborn checked by your osteopath, even if no symptom has appeared, so as to anticipate future disorders.  

Indeed, some of the problems developed in childhood can be anticipated.

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