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About my practice

My practice is:

holistic& non-medical.

Some explanations about my practice:

What I do?

I realign, rebalance, I improve your range of motion and decrease your tightness. I use Myofacial release technique, cranio-sacral, breathing and stretching. Techniques are adapted according your age, physical condition and your past medical history.

Why and Who come?

You can come for many reasons but the most common are back pain, stress& anxiety, digestives disorders.

Everyone, babies, kids, adults, pregnancy women, postpartum care, elderly, even if you have medical condition ( cancer, sclerosis... send me an email before for any questions).

When do you come?

You can come in prevention or when you are in pain.

How often?

It's depend on your reason and how your body reacts. For a non-chronic pain, usually 1 or 2 session are enough. For chronic pain it's depends what do you have but we will discuss it during your first session.

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